Audition for Productions at Woodford Theatre!

Woodford Theatre Audition Protocol/Process

  1. Each production has its own individual sign up created through Woodford Theatre’s Sign Up Genius page. These links can be found on Woodford Theatre’s social media pages (Instagram and Facebook), and soon will be available BELOW!
  2. Read and follow the instructions found via the Sign Up Genius. You must sign up for an audition slot even if you intend to audition virtually. 
  3. You must enter your name, phone number, and email address in order to be able to audition for a production at Woodford Theatre. 
  4. You will receive a confirmation email from Daniel Ellis, Executive Artistic Director, within one week of signing up for your audition slot. 
    1. If you do not receive this confirmation please double-check that your email address is spelled correctly on the Sign Up Genius page. 

FAQ’s / Problem-Solving

  • I selected the day I wanted to audition for and the slots are completely full. What do I do? 
      • We are so sorry that this has happened - it is due to overwhelming interest. Usually, when this happens we will open an additional audition time frame and slot. We have three pathways forward: 
        • You may sign up for the added audition slot. 
        • You may submit a virtual audition (email the Executive Artistic Director, Daniel Ellis at
        • You may add yourself to the in-person ‘Audition Waitlist’
  • How does the ‘Audition Waitlist’ work? 
      • We always have “No-Shows” at each audition slot. “No-Shows” are defined as people who sign up to audition and then, for whatever reason, cannot attend. You would be welcome to arrive one hour prior to the audition time (Example: Auditions begin at 6:30 PM - you should arrive at 5:30 PM), and put your name on an audition waitlist. We will let you complete the necessary paperwork to audition and you may fill the vacant slots created by “No-Shows.”
      • You MUST be physically present to be added to an ‘Audition Waitlist.’ You cannot get on the list by calling or texting a member of the creative team. 
      • Due to viable capacity the creative team can only see 40 auditionees within a 3 hour time frame. If you are turned away it is due to capacity and no personal failing of your own, or of the creative team’s. 
  • Do I need to get on an ‘Audition Waitlist’ to submit a virtual audition?
    • No! You can simply email the Executive Artistic Director, Daniel Ellis at and he can set you up with the materials you will need for your virtual audition. Your virtual audition must still be submitted by the deadline listed on the Sign Up Genius page in order for you to be considered! 
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